Annie-Lunnette is a versatile, creative, energetic and enthusiastic contemporary dance theatre choreographer and movement director based in East London. 

She is passionate about all things related to movement and the physical body as a primary tool of expression and artistry, she aims to build confidence, encourage freedom of expression and enthuse creativity through movement in every room she inhabits. 

Annie-Lunnette prides herself on being a highly experienced contemporary dance artist; Choreographer, Rehearsal Director, Movement Director, Teacher, Lecturer and Mentor. 

Having graduated from Middlesex University in 2005 where she received a Bachelor's degree in Dance with Performing Arts, she went on to become a co-founder and Artistic Director of award winning company, C-12 Dance Theatre.

Annie-Lunnette's work focus' on story-telling, raw human emotional experiences and relationships and as no two productions are ever the same, Annie-Lunnette inhabits a tailor made approach, exploring the true uniqueness and individuality of each project she embarks on. Annie-Lunnette's career has seen her work presented nationally, touring European and international circuits for indoor and outdoor production houses and festivals worldwide. 

Annie-Lunnette has extensive amounts of teaching experience, in a wide variety of contexts, working with participants from the ages of 2.5 years old through to 90 years young. From working with professional dancers, through to the complete beginner, she also has extensive experience in inclusive practice from working with participants with physical and/or learning difficulties. 

To get in touch for more information about Annie-Lunnette's work and for potential opportunities, you can contact her here.

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