Wishing you a very warm welcome to my website

I pride myself on being an experienced contemporary dance artist; Choreographer, Rehearsal Director, Movement Director and Teacher. Since 2005, I have been working within the creative sector, by way of teaching, performing, choreographing, creating production concepts, as well as assisting well known choreographers in the field and establishing my own contemporary dance theatre company.

Having graduated from Middlesex University in 2005 where I received a Bachelor's degree in Dance with Performing Arts, I went on to become a co-founder and Artistic Director of award winning company, C-12 Dance Theatre, where I am currently on leave on a creative sabbatical.

My work specialises in producing, creating and devising original physical, contemporary dance theatre productions, which primarily focus on story-telling, raw human emotion and relationships and I have been lucky enough that my work has taken me on national, European and international tours for indoor and outdoor venues and festivals worldwide. Click here to read more about my most recent projects or head over to my career highlights here

I have extensive amounts of teaching experience, in a wide variety of contexts and have taught movement to participants from the ages of 2.5 years old all the way through to 90 years young. From working with professional dancers, through to the complete beginner, I have also had solid inclusive practice of working with participants with physical and/or learning difficulties. Please do get in contact should you wish to know more about my teaching experience.

My ambition, creative experience and artistic quality continues to grow and I am constantly inspired by the world we live in. I seek new, exciting and varied opportunities that get me to explore the language of movement vocabulary and physical expression.

To get in touch for more information about my work, for potential opportunities, or to just say hi you can contact me here.