Heres to 2017 being full of magic, creativity and much, much movement!

Autumn 2017 

Currently I am in remount rehearsals for Emma Rice's and Joel Horwood's co-creation, The Little Match Girl and Other Happier Tales, that is to be running at Bristol Old Vic from 30th Nov, then begins 2018 with a 2 month nationwide tour and then completes its run at The Shakespeare's Globe in March/April 2018. For last years reviews please see below and for future dates click here.

In October I had been working on award winning Australian play, The Dark Room, written by Angela Betzien, Directed by Audrey Sheffield and Produced by Paperbark Theatre and Theatre 503. The show is currently running at Theatre 503 in Battersea, London, and has received two Offies Nominations for Best Director and Best Lighting Design as well as some great reviews thus far!

5 Stars Everything Theatre

4 Stars Love London Love Culture

4 Stars London City Nights

Listed in the Evening Standards Best Arts & Culture to See in London that week.

June-Sept 2017

I was leading workshops and delivering dance classes for organisations such as East London Dance and The Mono Box. Keep watching this space for the next chance to get involved in some of my open activities.

Force - Secret Encounters Programme 2017

April/May 2017 - I was commissioned by Adam Towndrow, alongside three other choreographers, Corey Baker, Tony Adigun and Sally Marie, to create a 5 minute duet on two dancers from C-12 Dance Theatre. Force is a short dance work exploring the uncontrollableenergy and magnetism between two people. Exploring connection, touch and theability to excerpt control over another person without physically touchingthem, this work explores the draw and captivation two people have towards eachother and all the physical responses they may have as a result; friction,gravity, attraction, repulsion. How do these two beings find each other? How dothey connect, and what happens to them when they do? Force is a duet of twolovers brought together by a powerful, magnetic and unexplainable attraction. Catch this duet as part of C-12 Dance Theatres Secret Encounters programme touring outdoor festivals this summer. More information can be found here.

Tour Dates as follows: June 2nd Dalfsen, Netherlands, June 3rd Zwolle, Netherlands, June 4th Oldenzaal, Netherlands, June 24th-25th Imagine Festival, Watford, July 1st GDIF, London, July 8th-9th Dance Days, Swansea, July 15th Dancin’ Oxford, Oxfordshire, August 21st/22nd/23rd/24th bOing Festival, Kent, September 9th DNweekeND, Doncaster.

"Don't Blame Me...." 

January 2017 saw me embark on a research and development project to explore a new autobiographical production working title; Don't Blame Me. This new work is co-created by and based on Akiya Henry's life experiences and is Directed by Miranda Cromwell. I spent a wonderful time with the team playing and devising narrative and physical movement that was inspired by MGM musical style choreography and contemporary dance. I am very much looking forward to the next stage of development or this project.

The Little Match Girl and Other Happier Tales at The Shakespeares Globe

The Little Match Girl and Other Happier Tales has just completed its run at The Globe in January 2017.  I had an amazing time working with all the magnificent cast, creative team and crew on this show and am sad to see it go. If you missed it, you really did miss out! But don't just take my word for it.....

5 Stars Whats on Stage Review

4 Stars Guardian Review

4 Stars The Telegraph Review

4 Stars The Times Review

4 Stars Time Out Review

4 Stars Evening Standard Review

ProjectLab at The Old Market

At the beginning of September I spent a few sunny R&D days in Brighton, by the Beach and in the studio at The Old Market, choreographing material with Virtual Reality headsets. Dancers, Rebecca Bassett-Graham and Georgia Leigh Godfrey, interactive sound designer, Dave Meckin, Christopher Thomas Allen (The Light Surgeons), Ross and Tommasso (The Workers) and myself came together to explore and present how VR technology can be used as a tool to create live performance. Further information about the initial project can be found here. We received wonderful audience feedback, and we are currently looking to develop this project further in 2017. 

The Old Vic Movement Direction Workshop

As part of being short-listed for The Old Vic 12 program, I was offered the opportunity to take part in a half day workshop in December on movement direction held by The Old Vic and led by Polly Bennett. I had an amazing time sharing and absorbing little tips for working in the industry, and I look forward to delivering more movement direction on theatrical projects throughout 2017.

The Bench 2016-2017

The end of 2016 saw me take part in two WONDERFUL and inspiring retreats in the rural Hereford, alongside six amazingly talented choreographers who are making ground breaking leaps to challenge themselves and make beautiful art. Workshops were lead by Kate Flatt, Charlotte Vincent, Sharon Watson, as well as other insanely driven and talented artists. I spent both retreats questioning myself, exploring and challenging my artistic voice, and figuring out where I want to go next. Through this process I have been given Rosie Kay as a mentor going forward, watch this space for further news.

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